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OK, Seriously... I know absolutely nothing about t-shirts. I've never been around them for the making. This all came sudden with a spontaneous thought just now.

What are the do's & dont's in preparation of vector files for screen printing or whatever ya call it. Mind me for saying whatever, i'll learn the proper terminologies as I go along. What are some of the guidelines/rules that you may follow and are willing to share your experiences with me and others. I have some
pretty ripe designs that i'd like to see if they meet within standards to say or will
I have to go back and refurbish them. I deal mainly with vectors, so mentioning photoshop and the like isnt much of a concern. Some drawings can be a tad nodic. I need to know my boundaries of what lines not to cross in my designs (no pun intended).

Im a 100% Coreldraw X3 user and dabble at times in Illustrator for certain tasks.

Can you shed some new light for me? I'd like to hear the views of others if you dont mind.

Thanx ppl!

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