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hi ronnie,

i use illustrator for my vector art, but the guidelines are pretty much the same. vector art lends itself well to spot colors. using spot colors can make separations a breeze with illustrator or corel, so i choose colors from the pms palet. i stay away from halftones when possible, and i use a lighter pms color instead of a halftone of a darker color. this makes for a much nicer looking image as halftones can sometimes look spotty with 65 lpi dot. if you do find that you need to use halftones, make sure to change the percentage of the actual color and don't make it a transparancy.

the only other advice i can offer you is to be sure change all your fonts to outlines before sending the file to your printer.

i hope this helps you, good luck!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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