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Im a newbie on here as well as the Tshirt business.
I dont know where to start.
I had purchased 2 heat presses. Ended up selling one of them because of financial issues but not looking to sell any other one (ouch)
I also got a vinyl cutter as well.
I got a macbook laptop and had adobe software that expired now
(but plan on getting it back on for another year soon) :/
I got vinyl rolls different colors. Didnt realize how much black and white one goes through.
Anyways, Ive made shirts for my brand and promoted a little bit and gave a few tees away for free but fell off with the quickness and just currently working mad overtime at my job. I want to start up a clothing brand (i'll post pics) but I was thinking of doing niches too. Where do I start? I know how to make the tees but dont know how to sell anything or how to advertise or how to mass produce? Im stuck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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