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domain name question

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As i said in another i did what ferverwear did and its still showing spreadshirt when it forwards so then i clicked on ferwears site and i saw the same thing. thought it was kinded strange that we both clicked on masked and its still showing up. its no biggie just thought i would mention it.
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Some sites will "break out of frames" that are created by domain masking to make sure customers can still use their shopping cart and check out securely.

See this page on the spreadshirt linking instructions:

Embedded frames will not be interpreted from MS Internet-Explorer Version 3 and up to and including Netscape Version 4. They are first standardized from HTML 4.0.

Session problems can occur in your shop through the use of frames, if your customers use these version of Internet Explorer. More information can be found at Microsoft:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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