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We represent an artist with a line of dog shirts. She has been building her inventory of designs for over 20 years. We do a decent business at dog shows & website sales.

Don't know anything about how dog shirts would go over at craft shows, but lots of people own dogs. What I point out is this ... what are people looking to buy at a craft show? Dog shirts? Maybe, maybe not.

Just as I can't sell 'flag' design shirts at a dog show ... people aren't there looking for a 'flag' shirt. And while they may find them interesting, they are looking to spend their money on DOG stuff.

Actually, even the TONE of a booth makes a difference. We sell 'people' stuff with dogs on it (apparel, keytags, garden flags, etc). I recently put up a small display of dog biscuits ... they aren't selling very well. People don't come in my booth looking for 'stuff for their dogs' ... but yet, same person will buy BAGS of dog biscuits from the vendor who sells mostly dog food/biscuits/toys/beds.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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