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Dog day....

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Dog day...

Anyone here ever had a really, really crap day [like I have today] where you think to your self more strongly than other normal days that "man I wish so much that I had my tshirt business running really well" and have been tempted to do anything and everything you can to get it going.

Only to think later down the track when you dont feel so bad about a really crap day that you were glad you didn't plan to do half of the things you wanted to do so badly because it was a thought or plan conjured by desperation to "get the hell out of the rat hole" your in 9-5?

Going out of your way to run a sucessful business and "take risks" as they say is one thing, but how far do you go before you think to yourself "wait a minute, am I planning to do half of these crazy things for my business because I beleive you have to take some leaps of faith? Or because Im desperate to do what ever I can to force it to work when forcing you know all too well wont work"

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welcome to the business world.. there is not a person out there that is in business that has not felt this way. I thinks success is about taking risk in life. Just having control puts you in the "Risk decision position."
You may make "Planned risk" They are well thought out business plans that are developed to make your company better. But they are just that, a plan, and plans are a risk pathway as they are not proven until finished therefore they are a risk. An example is the car industry. Most of how you see cars sold is based on a plan to sell more cars but then the reports come out and you hear "Ford sales are down 30%" So the way they are selling cars was based on a plan that did not work out. How would you like to be that person.
Feel better. Lou
I guess though even though risk taking is part of the business, if your feeling really really really really sick of work one day, and I dont mean as in you just dont feel like going to your nine to five job, but as in you have a really rotten day and went home and thought, right... that is it, I know im planning to run a business, but screw it, im going to do really over the top decisions and force the plan to run its course quickly... maybe you decide to spend more than you should have, or maybe you plan to offer more than you bargained for, anything to get you out of that rotten stink hole job quicker....

but is that really the right kind of business risk taking, or are you being just plain out of your mind in desperate times to get out and want out....
I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. It's really hard to fight that urge.

I've done this very thing before. I want out of my 9-5 so bad and want my clothing line to jump off so fast, that I just made some decisions that were more out of frustration and emotion, than sound business acumen.

Fight it! It's hard, I know. Get a good business plan, and try to stick with it.
When you have days like this, go back and look at it, and re-focus...

...all good things come to those who wait!;)
Yes I totally agree Comin'OutSwingin.

Wanting out badly does create ill-made business choices and to be honest I have this little red book and I have written in it the concrete sensible ideas and plans I have come up with when I have a day off where I am calm, cool, collective, reflective, peaceful and have the right frame of mind to think it out properly.

That red book is gonna be my bible.
I plan to stick to it like glue.

And yes, all good things do come to those who wait.
And I cling onto the fundamental hope that one day... who knows how long away or how close away, but ONE DAY... I will get there and be truely self employed. :rolleyes:
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