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Does the Atlas 824 conveyor dryer work well for water based ink?

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My buddy and I are very close to purchasing an Atlas 824 conveyor dryer... we use only water based inks and figured we'd put up a quick post to see if anyone would recommend a different dryer at or around the same price?

We haven't found anything negative posted anywhere about the Atlas 824, and it's a very good price new.

We'd love to hear from somebody who may have had experience curing water based inks with this or a similar model.

We have between $4,000 and $5,000 to spend.

Here's the Atlas:

Atlas 824D Conveyor Dryer, 24 Belt, 8' Length [AE0805] - $3,985.25 : Atlas Screen Supply Company

Other comparable dryers we've considered are:

EC II 30 - http://www.vastex.com/literature/reg/vastex_catalog.pdf

BBC Forced Air Conveyor - BBC Forced Air Conveyor 8 Foot w/ 24" Belt, 8100 Watts!

Thanks very much!!
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I have older 824, it is a nice dryer. I do not do water based inks and I can not tell you anything about that.
The only thing that I would sugest is to go as big as possible, and with as long as possible infeed and outfeed. On 24" belt, 2XL and bigger shirts are bit of a pain to place on.

All together, even the old dryer is nicely put together, the panels are easy to change. Good support too.
http://www.atlasckg.com/dryers/824D/index.html Cathy will take care of you.

Good luck
The BBC would definitely work the atlas should also but a quick call to atlas would confirm this. The vastex model you posted will not do water base. If you looked around you could get a used dryer in a larger size unless you have space constraints. I personally wouldn't go any smaller than 36" wide. Water base takes a slower belt speed so length helps production rates.
Thanks guys. We're still shopping around, but finding it difficult to find anything much wider than 24 or 30" with forced air in our price range...
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