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Does Screen Printing Require A Heat Press?

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Does Screen Printing Require A Heat Press?

Do I need a heat press to finish my screen prints or does hitting it with a heat gun do it?

Also are there any alternative chemicals that work for removing emulsion like simple green or something for saving money?
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You don't need a heat press to screen print. A heat gun will cause you more problems than it's worth. I would suggest getting a flash dryer.
Simple Green will not remove emulsion. The best way to save money there, is to make sure you're using a good emulsion remover that works. Simple Green can be used as a degreaser though.
I'm only screen printing for personal shirts, I don't plan to sell anything so a flash dryer would be way to much money. My main reasoning for screen printing is to pay $5-$10 a shirt for the rest of my life rather then $25-$30, plus I hate shopping, plus It seems fun to do. SO.... could I just use an Iron? with craft paper, I mean I have a heat press I got for really cheap from a pawn shop. and I know I could sell it for more then I paid, So if I don't need it I could use the extra money for screen printing supplies.

Purchased the press because I was going to do inkjet heat transfers But from what i hear transfers break and wash and wear away an I want a shirt to last at least a year or two.
If you already have a heat press, then yes, I would use that to cure shirts. It would be way better than a heat gun and an iron would not work.
I mean do neenah print at home transfers last, work, and look decent or am i better off sticking to screen printing?
I guess I answered my own question with that one i'll stick to screen printing, is the heat press better then the heat gun even for the water based inks?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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