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Does it take special equpment to print die cut magnets?

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I have been researching the Roland BN-20 print and cut and i have a question I can not find an answer for. Will the BN-20 print and cut die cut magnets in very small runs? If so where would I get the material to do this?

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Are you talking about printable magnetic sheet? I don't have a BN-20 but would seriously doubt whether it was up to printing and contour cutting this material.

I print magnetic party invitations on this type of media and contour cut them on the mat of my Silver Bullet cutter, which cuts through them very fast, like a hot knife through butter! I've cut thousands of these.
A BN20 can print and cut vinyl that can be applied to magnets. It cannot cut the magnetic sheets.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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