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Posted something similar in the sublimation forum as I sublimate patches and not embroider them. But was thinking the embroidery area might have more of a response since patches are more known for embroidery.

Anyway I need to switch from the company I was getting my blanks from but they were black border with a paper backing you could peel and then they would be iron on. All the other patches I am seeing now are heat seal (with no paper backing of course). After speaking with a few of these companies they all told me that their heat seal patches can not be applied to garments with an iron. They all said the customer would need a heat press.

I have heard otherwise that irons do work if they are on a high setting and pressed down for a bit of time.

I don’t want to advertise iron on patches in my sales until I get a definite answer.

Does anyone know?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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