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I have an oki 5200 that i use for laser dye sub.
To print to 50/50 shirts with the dye sub toner I use Hottee Paper from ati transfers . It works great.. and it does not wash out.. If it is a logo or sumthing with bare areas aound it.. i do cut 1/4 to 1/8 inch around so that the polyester from the transfer paper does not leave a window.. It has little or no hand. When using other color Shirts besides white i can also use the regular release paper made for the dye sub laser and cotton trans spray.. This also holds up very well.. with little or no hand. I have found the washablity and colors on both of these to be great..
Hi, I have the same setup, but so far I'm not at all happy with the results.
I keep getting the grey window on whites. how many seconds and what
pressure do you use? what cotton trans spray-where do you get it?
I got some white stuff in a bottle from Al, for use with release paper. so far made things worse. In fact the release paper worked best without it.
thanks for your help. I'm using 50/50 white t-s.
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