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When dye sublimating, polyester t-shirts must be used because the dye bonds with the fibres in the polyester when heat is applied.

They make special t-shirts for this. Novachrome, and Xpres supply a good t-shirt. There is also the Hanes Soft L'ink but I don't really like these as much. I like the Novachrome Unisex White T-Shirt. Xpres make a great womens t-shirt, really nice plus the children's tees are great.

You can use 50/50 t-shirts but they aren't going to give the same results as you would get with a 100% poly tee because more dye is able to bond with the fibres.

There are sprays you can buy to spray onto the 50/50s so that the dye bonds. This will allow source more types of t-shirts, because waiting for the sublimation industry to produce different varietys of t-shirts is a long process. I've heard you can infact use a unscented hair spray instead of buying the spray.

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