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Does DTG Kiosk II is a old model?

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I want to start a business in the DTG, But i have a small budget.

So i was thinking to buy a DTG Kiosk II
SWF East | The DTG Kiosk T-Shirt Printing Machine and Digital Garment Printer

My problem is than they don't want to deliver in Europe, So i contacted european Vendor, and 2 out of 3 doesnt want to sell it.

One is saying than its a not good product, the other one saying than its a old product.

both try to sell the HM1 which is a lot more expensif.

Is it true ? does Kiosk II is it a old product ?

Thank you for your help,

Kind Regards,
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The HM1 is the newer version and the kiosk 2 is the upgraded original model. The hm1 is a completely new build where the kiosk 2 is just an upgraded original version. Hope this helps to explain it :)
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It Does :)

Thank you very much
Nothing wrong with the Kiosk and with the correct maintenence they are a good machine. They are easy to maintain and get consumables for. I do not understand why they are trying to put them down. I have 2 and have never had a major prob as yet. Both my machines are used for aropund 6 hours per day .
I agree the kiosk 2 is a good machine :) They are just trying to sell the hm1 as it has more features and is a newer machine. It doesnt sound like they are putting it down so much as just trying to sell the new and improved :)
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