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Does anyone wholesale their product online?

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Does anyone wholesale their products online? I would like to get into that and need as much advice as I can stand to read and then I need more after that.
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Re: Does anyone wholesales

What do you mean wholesale products online?

Usually when clothing brands offer a wholesale program, they sell to brick and mortar stores.

The best thing to do is get some samples made and put together a linesheet that shows your product and includes info like product details, pricing, company info, contact info, etc. Then call up some local boutiques and stores and make an appointment with the owner or buyer and show them your product line. It may take a few times contacting them before they consider placing an order. But be patient and be positive.
Re: Does anyone wholesales

I don't make a product that I can sell in that manner. What I do would have to be sold to vendors that would make sells at their own set up. This would not be something a brick and mortar would do only and they to would go to the net to find my product wholesale. No one buys from a person the way your talking. It's all internet sales.
Re: Does anyone wholesales

Sorry, I'm not really following you. Hopefully someone else can help...
Okay, thanks. Can anyone else help me with how to set up a wholesale site online?
Are you asking about website design or are you asking about existing wholesale websites that you can get an account at?
well, is very simple, all you have to do is get your own website and sell your merchandise wholesale.
or you may try wholesalecentral.com. that is a website for general merchandise for wholesalers
Modern websites with Shopping Carts like Volusion, VirtueMart, OSCommerce etc, can provide a wholesale log in for customers you have approved for wholesale. Once the wholesale customer is logged in, all of the prices show wholesale prices.

Basically you universally set a percentage adjustment, but you can individually set wholesale prices for certain products.

Google "wholesale virtuemart" and you'll probably find out everything you need to know.
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Ok. I have a site now. But I can only wholesale my own products as I won't make much money on the things I buy wholesale. So I think I may need a site just for wholesale. I use zencart now. I'll look into the others and see if they can help me.
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