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Does anyone use Mutlrip GP in roll mode and how did you set it up?

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I'm having trouble getting multirip GP to work in "roll mode" for both a 2200 and a 1900 based DTG printer. emails to the company via the website are unanswered. Says phone support, but no phone number can be found. Does anyone out there have theirs set up this way and how did you do it. I know there is a file for the 4800 that you have to go in and change a zero to a one (or vice versa). Any help would be appreciated.

Sortof dead in the water without finding a solution to this.
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BTW, these are both DIY DTGs that work just great from the stock driver with roll mode selected as well as EKrip demo with roll mode combo box selected. It is sheet mode that they don't work well in. So I just need to know how do I get multirip out of sheet mode?

Or does anyone have the phone number that I can call multirip support as they are not answering my email requests for support? I thought I had phone support with my purchase, but I can't find the phone number on their website just email request form that disappears into the internets abyss.

If you work for multirip my number is 734 925 2528.
I have not received a e-mail from you or a telephone call requesting support, since DTGInks.com sold you the RIP than I am your support BUT If I do not hear from you I cannot help. We do offer a downloadable FREE trial version so people can use the RIP and make sure that it is what they need before they actualy purchase it.
I also tried to call you BUT I had to leave a message as no one answered.
My number is 805 714-2429.
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Thanks, I just emailed you today after not getting response from multirip x 10 days. I wouldn't see you as being tech support as you are a salesman, but I'll give you a call.
as you are a salesman
OUCH, that hurts :confused: and most people think the opposite ;)
Your file as been sent to you!
O.K. Excellent. My frustration is not warranted. I just got off the phone with Dan from DTGinks.com

Dan (YoDan) is not just a salesman/reseller as I though. He is the support contact if you buy from dtginks.com. (which he told me I would have known if i had read the email with the activation info on it :) oops. ) The email forms on the multirip gp website must not be working on their contact page, or they work but the readers of the emails don't respond to tech support as they were NOT who I should have been contacting.

So error was on my end as far as not being able to talk to anyone... I was trying to contact the wrong people.

Dan was able to talk me through the issue and sent me a beta testing file to get the 1900 running in roll mode. For the 2200, I am out of luck. I am ok with that. The 2200 was more of a test bed anyhow.

It sounds as if the 4800 supports roll mode now, 1900 in testing phases, and 2200 may never from our conversation.
OUCH, that hurts :confused: and most people think the opposite ;)
Hey, you must type faster than me! I was correcting that statement and taking my time spreading egg all over my entire face (so that forum readers would know the miscommunication is on my end) while you were writing that! :D

Thanks for the file, and I apologize for not reading the activation email beyond the act # itself.
For information:
It has been reported back to me that the files that I sent to Essen does allow users to switch between Sheet mode and Roll mode when using MultiRIP GP for the R1900 printer. ;)
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Yup, Tell Fred she works like a dream... printed a bunch of test shirts yesterday. It works so good, I think the 2200 is going in the trash... I see now why there is no sense modding programming for a 2200 anymore... it just doesn't make sense to.
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