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Does anyone use MONDAY.COM to track their orders?

I just started and finally got the 100+ jobs already in our system entered. That was a lot of work.

It seems like a lot of data entry - after I create a job folder with all the order details I have to stop and enter it into Monday.com.
Whenever something changes I have to open Monday.com and change it again.

Right now we are tracking the following:

  • Job name
  • Print date
  • In Hands Date
  • Transit time
  • Ship vs Pickup
  • Amount of Garments
  • Amount of Prints
  • Art Status (waiting, art sent, approved, on hold)
  • Payment status (paid, Net 30, etc)
  • Garment status (need sizes, ordered, arrived, counted)
  • Print dollars (this is how we track how much work we can do daily - we average $2000-$2500 max per day)
What other things do you track?

What other things should we take advantage of?
Would love to be able to handle everything in this one app (emailing clients, art approvals, invoicing, automations - when done email client, etc).

What are your favorite parts of this system?

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We use Monday.com to track jobs also. Have been for a couple of years. I really like it.
We also have Customer Database - put in email addresses, phone numbers. We do screen printing, embroidery, trophies & awards, dye sublimation, vinyl, WFDP and each area has their own page. Everything starts out on the new job page. There it gets an estimate done in quickbooks, sent to customer for approval. We use status to keep track of what it needs up to approval. Once a job is approved and all materials have been ordered it moves to the category page. We have a start date on each entry so we know how long it has been in progress. We track due dates and production dates. After it is done then it is marked "invoice" and moves to the Ready to invoice page. We track from conception to delivery. We put all communications with the customer in the comments. We try to remember to save art to the files. It is work to maintain but it is great to have it all in one place - and reference anything a about a job or a customer. I know there are more automations that we could be doing with it such as emailing clients based off from a status - not sure how to integrate art approvals coming back but it probably can be done.
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