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The top label has 'HR' on it with nothing else, but the inner side label has care instructions and 'made in Australia.' There are holes in it but they appear to be part of the design as they are evenly spaced and in sets of 3 (front and back). I don't remember where I bought it but I'm pretty sure it was from a shop either here in Australia or possibly even in Japan. I have searched high and low online for more details but cannot find any info on this label name or design at all

If anyone has more info/leads on this t-shirt it would be greatly appreciated.

Brown Outerwear Black Textile Sleeve
Outerwear Light Product Neck Sleeve

Outerwear Sleeve Grey Denim Tints and shades

Sleeve Finger Nail Thumb Font

Jersey Sleeve Grey Cap Collar

Outerwear White Product Black Baby & toddler clothing

Neck Sleeve T-shirt Grey Collar

Sleeve Wood Grey Asphalt Road surface

Sleeve Grey T-shirt Tints and shades Wood
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