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Does anyone make patches? Need wholesaler for fabrics.

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Do any of you guys/gals buy fabric at wholesale? I've looked online and I don't see any real deals. Now I go and buy my duck cloth from JoAnns and get 40% to %50 off regular price. I was looking to get it cheaper than what I am paying now.
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Bueche, so you make your own t-shirts? Can you make t-shirts? I have an idea if you PM me.
Glick Textiles is a wholesale fabric supplier located in Houston. Pricing is better when you buy fabric by the bolt. Most of their bolts are 15 yards.
You will probably want to make your patches out of 100% polyester twill...I bought mine from Moritz Embroidery.
The duck cloth is heavier than the twill or at least the twill I have used. I would just like to get it at wholesale.
Try PrintWearMag.com I believe is the site. They have vendors listed in the back. Many of them attend the ISS shows.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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