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Does anyone know any outstanding and cheap silk screen printers (it doesnt matter where)

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Hey, does anyone know nay great screen printers, im looking for some good ones but i havent been able ot find any... i dont care where they are just looking for a good price with high quality
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Cheap and good don't go together, EVER. Your price is going to depend on quantity. Smaller printers can be cheaper on smaller orders but quality often suffers. Not to say smaller printers can't print quality but it is more often the case. when you are asking for quality what do you mean exactly? What I think is good quality some other shops say there is not enough ink on the shirt, I say it has a better feel. We use but registration while others will trap their art as much as an 1/8 of an inch. So quality is relevant to the person judging.

Now price is also relevant. Printing 1,000 shirts for 50 cents is cheap to some and high for others. If your buying 1,000 shirts a week you will get better price than someone buying 500 shirts a month.

Good luck in your quest!
Who uses outstanding and cheap in the same sentence?
One of the people you should talk to would be Dan Holzer at Forward Printing. Nice people, skilled printers, using some of the best equipment on the planet.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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