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Does anyone how this type of shirt print is done?

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Hi everyone. I am a first time poster but I have used this site as a source of info for years now. Finally ran into something i could not find a post on due to not knowing what term to search for. Im sure its done with some sort of custom press plate but I would like to know what it is called so I can find a company to make one with my own company logo. I have attached some pics of the style I am referrimg to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy arting everyone!


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The logo you have was embossed. That's a process of pressing the piece between dies with heat to permanently deform the fabric. Doesn't work on everything and is pricey except in larger runs.
Hmmmm. Ok cool and thanks for the info. I will search some companies who can do that and see what i can do for my own brand. Thanks again.
you could possibly get similar with a clear vinyl
search for embossing fabric on youtube
It uses a heat press with the design's templates under it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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