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Does anyone have new WIMS System ?

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Hi, today came to my office newest version of DTG HM-1 that came without agitator
(I had one before with agitator).
instead of it I have a small pump and some system with bottle so called WIMS.

There are two more bottles in the package as additional supply for maintaining machine.

Does anyone have any experience with that kind of system for white ?

Thanks in advance.
Alex. Serbia.
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Hi Alex,

We have a couple of these in the field and results have been good. We will be exhibiting it at SGIA this week.
I tested system yesterday, and, as I can see, it pressed a several critical spots of this machine. But .. I will see in a next few days ...

But SGIA is a bit far for me in this moment .. :)
I'm also keen to know how that WIMS system works for you. I have an Eclipse and the white ink flow was such a nightmare that I turned it off for the last 8 months (lets not talk alignment/registration issues for now). I've heard that I can add on this new WIMS system, apparently its an easy modification. Mmmm.

From what I understand it pumps ink through the lines continuously and prevents clogging. I was mailed a PPS and the system makes sense in theory.

Question: Does this pumped ink bypass the ink chip reader or does the chip keep counting as it pumps? The reason I ask is that its gonna use ink chips at a rate of knotts if it does'nt.
At first, ink is circulating in closed circle before going into dumpers, so it does not influence on counter. Also dumpers and printhead is always under small pressure while printing.
Second improvement good for your eclipse is that waste ink pad has separate channel for white ink, so you can collect white ink after head cleaning and recycle it - print with it again!

BUT, today is the second day of working with it.
I will be smarter after several weeks.
On the other hand, I had a looooot of problems with system with agitator, and I can say I have a lot of experience.
Now this is new machine, with new capabilities, so we will see.
I thougts WIM's was the motherboard replacement system that did auto-head cleans every 6hours?
no, no ... just a bunch of plastic equipment .. but as it looks for now, veeeery usefull !
And printer is modified, it don't do auto head cleaning ... tested this whole weekend ..
Oh great! Love to see pictures of it as I haven't seen this new update yet.

Here you can see that I removed white ink from whole printer (CIS+print head) in 7-10 mins !
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So the pump is circulating the white ink and giving it preassure all the time? Thats a good feature to have, because the biggest problem with white ink is getting a good prime most of the time.
very cool ugrade :) I look forward to seeing it at the Long Beach show.
We have the WIMS HM1. Do not have experience with the older system, but from what I can see is that the ink lines are a little thicker too. The WIMS can be a little noisy, but hey if it prints 100% let it be noisy. As far as printing goes, it does "run out" of white ink. I found that if we print with white ink that we need to do a head clean every 9 to 12 shirts to get the white ink to flow again. This could be local to our machine though. We still have magenta line banding on our machine, even when we print at 1440x1440 but that is covered in a different post.
Very interesting post. We just found out about this "New" system when calling tech support the other day. Will be nice to find out if this really is a decent upgrade. Also wonder if any discounts will be applied to those of us that jumped into the HM-1 when it first came out. It would make all current users feel a little better about all the troubles they have gone through to keep their current machine running properly.
Ok I have to say that I have not had any troubles at all with my ink system, so making a statement of, hoping it will make all current users feel better who jumped in, is not right. Blanket statements like that can give someone reading the wrong impression. If I were to purchase a new machine today, I would still make the same choice as it is everything I thought it would be :) I had never had any clogging issues with mine, I am actually very happy with my machine :) I am interested in the wims system though. But I do wonder if it will work better then the agitator I have. I kind of like the agitator and the way it works. I will have to wait a while I think to see how this system works long term.
I was not trying to give anyone the wrong impression really. But from the posts I have seen here many of us are having issues with these machines. We are going on our seventh head in a little over a year. Not the norm I would think. A tech came to service ours a couple of months ago and said ours was one of the cleanest he has seen in the field. Makes me wonder how others can be so successful if they don't maintain them as we do. It also makes me wonder why we have so many issues with print heads. Will this new system help us with our head issues. Who knows. Maybe we are just unlucky.

I understand it will be an expensive retrofit and requires firmware and mechanical upgrades. I suppose for now we will try to use what we have and get by.

Sorry I got off topic a little. I truly do hope this system works for anyone purchasing this machine.
I do not understand why you are having head problems. Maybe thats why your machine is so clean and you are not actually using it enough hence head clogging. Regardless of what prints you are doing, each day do a white underbase print of some sort. Also the machine does have to be keeped clean yes and mine is spotless aswell where it counts. We do have a bit of ink on the splash pads but our machines do alot of work. Any way The wims system is not too expensive around the $500 mark and is a wrth will investment for those who do not do alot of printing. I do hope you have no more print head issues and have a good run.
I have had the WIMS system on my two HM1s for about 6mos. It has made a total difference in my white printing and saving my printheads. The plastic bottles used for cleaning, make cleaning easier, if you take the time to pump at least two bottles of cleaner through the heads and just let one bottle siphon through.
I kept my machine spotless, but had to replace 5 heads before getting the WIMS....after.....none!
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