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Does anyone else try to market internationally beyond their local market?

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Who else is actively marketing towards an international market beyond their local market on this board? I've just started out and it's been slow, but I think it's been slow because of my geographic location.

I'm based in Hong Kong, and really the market I'm looking to speak to is both Hong Kong & North America, but because of the timezone differences I'm finding it really difficult to capture the audience, when people are generally most active, in North America.

When I'm asleep, the audience I want to speak with is awake on the other side of the world so I'm missing out on those opportunities/conversations. Short of switching my sleeping habits to that of a vampire, can someone provide some experience or advice on somethings I can try/do to start getting around this problem of mine?

Appreciate the knowledge on this board and the amazing people who contribute here! Thanks!
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Hi, Your right when the customers are live at site your sleeping, the best suggestion for you, hire someone to work at nigh and you take care of your business in day! Plane something professional, if you really want your business a brand on internet.
Well that really isn't an option unfortunately for me. I've just started and I'm no where near a point where I can hire someone to do that type of work for me, it's just a one man show right here.

Have people been using Hootsuite? I've just found out about it and was wondering what other people think about it..
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