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Do you use the SpeedTreater-TX pretreatment machine? What settings are you happiest with?

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Thanks to Harry ( @equipmentzone ) for helping us get on the next batch of SpeedTreater-TX machines. We're doing way too much WUB shirts lately, and because our pretreatment room is on a different floor and a 100 foot walk after stairs, it was becoming the worst bottleneck ever. I'm hoping to see the machine in 2 weeks or so, but a cursory search of the Neoflex forum doesn't bring up any hits.

Is any Neofamily using this machine? We're working with Dupont inks that we source solely from AllAmerican, and we also buy ImageArmor dark and light pretreat also direct from AllAmerican. Tigers support us, so we'll support them. I even buy all my swabs and curing media from AA because I want to keep Peter stuck in airplanes and trains as much as possible.

If you're using this pretreatment machine, what settings are you happiest with? The reason I chose it over the competition was because of the 16" x 24" max size (we do a lot of 15"x19" image size shirts in our market), the ability to restrict the top and bottom vertical size of the spray, and the option to use 3 different width nozzles.

We also switch between dark and light pretreatment regularly enough, so I'm curious to see what people are doing to make the transition efficient and cost effective. I am stuck right now between buying a second Neoflex before the Christmas rush, and buying 2 more heat presses and possibly a second Pretreater-TX so we don't have to constantly switch between dark and light.
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I like the viper xpt6000, can control size of spray x and y axis., big spray area. Also can have2 different pretreats hooked up where only take 3 minutes to change. AA sells these and viper one. I first had viper one which also like butter xpt6000 savesme so much in pretreat. Now I know it doesn't cost much to pretreat if do it right but it's great feeling not throwing away 1 gallons each 2weeks in pretreat waste from overspray. I would choose xpt over any others out there right now. Also I can just hook my5 gallon pail up instead of filling canisters all the time.
Settle down ?
It was funny. I got slapped on my face by love one :)
It is not the first time and I know it will not be the last.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.

I am curious why was not the edge pretreater considered? It is the only pretreat on the market where the software has constant updates via USB, the switch between LGPT and DGPT or vice versa takes about 5 seconds. The only thing I am not sure about is the image armor dark and light pretreat if it can be mix because they runs through the same line.
For me the edged wasn't considered because of the price point. For me it's a lot for a preatreater.
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