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Do you sell Do It Yourself Transfers?

  • Yes we sell them online and in our shop

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  • Yes we sell them online only

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  • Not now, but are interested in trying

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  • We don't sell any DIY work and don't plan to

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Do you sell DIY Do-it-Yourself Transfers?

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Hello Forum folks.
We have a new application for one of our products and we'd like some feedback on the best way to bring it to market in a way that helps our distributors and customers.

I know a lot of you sell decorated apparel online. Most of that is in the form of completed product: transfers on shirts. How many of you sell transfers to the general public for them to apply at home?

If you do, is this mainly an online business, or do you offer them in your shop for bargain hunters of craft & hobby customers?

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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