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Do you make your own designs?

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Do all those who sell shirts make their own designs? or have you used freelancers or companies for some of the designs.

I'm looking into getting a few freelancers to do some work but I'm worried it might be too expensive.
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I have experience with graphic design as I was brought up in the printing industry. So making my designs are simple. That's why I got in this business - to get my ideas on t-shirts and sell them...

But to answer your questions, it can get expensive for some people. A friend of mine and his uncle opened a screening shop from their garage and asked if I can do some designs when they're asked to. I agreed to do it at half the price ($25) their were going to be charged at ($50). But again it all depends on what it is you want. The harder the design, the more time it takes to make and therefor more money.

Hope this helps...
I make my own also Kebler. It is a matter of what you need. I also have friend that I can turn to if I run into a design that I can't get right. Sometimes is pays to pay for quality work.
I do all my own stunts, too. :)

Quite frankly the design is going to be what sells the shirt, so if you aren't a designer and/or illustrator then you should really let a professional do it for you.
Not only do we create our own designs, but we try to keep everything TOTALLY original. For example, we refuse to use vector packs or outside design elements, and try to keep it all in house. We also, take our own photographs to use in our designs.

Recently, we've decided to outsource to a few artists in our industry, that can give us a new style (or line). This way, we have a larger variety of art styles to appeal to our target market.
I make some and have a friend design others.
I mix ours all up, some orginal, some stock, some outsource,
I try to design what I can, but if it is beyound me,, i work with poeple that can do what i dont know how to yet, it is also good to some other styles in like Ann, Cooper said,, So all your stuff doesnt look like one style,
i design some stuff, and use high end artists, and low end artist. it depends what the job calls for. i have had people willing to pay $700 for a design which i out sourced to an artist here on t-shirt forums. i also get those clients that dont want to pay anything for artwork, so if they want a simple design for there company, i just pick some clipart and charge them an hourly rate, anywhere from 25-65 an hour. the lower rate is for friends and family, the higher rate is for the rest. it all depends what they are ordering, if they are a big account they will get a better price on art, in some cases its free for bigger orders. thats enough rambling, back to work. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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