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Do you have mockups from Emptees ?

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I saw this post a while back, Huge Collection of T-Shirt Design Mockup Templates. I have been looking for the Emptees mockups (blank, AA mockups etc) I was wondering if anyone has them. If you do, could you please upload them somewhere where anyone can download them (Box, skydrive, dropbox) or send it to me via email [email protected]

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Free: ShirtMockup.com - Upload your art. Mock it up. Download your image for FREE!
Cheap: IMAKETEES — Home

Most of those Emptees templates were not free. So we wouldn't be able to share them even if we had them.
I have a great mock up that I use. I can send you, but I dont think we can file share.

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@ Splathead, I didn't know that. I thought it was something Emptees supplied freely so folks could upload their designs. Good to know.

@D3L0C4T3D. Please send it to me. My email address is listed above. Thanks
here is a link to a post I put up awhile ago for a gomedia free download

T-Shirt MockUp

We have a list of free (and not free) mockups here: Best blank T-shirt templates to create that stunning mock-up | TeeVault.com

We also just reviewed 60SecondShirt mockups. They aren't free, but some of them start at 4.99. They work great too. T-Shirt Mockups Made Easy With 60SecondShirt | TeeVault.com
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