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do you feel heat press transfers are taking shortcut?

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I don't know the quality of heat press transfers but when i experimented with them about ten years ago, the quality wasn't great. But now technology is moving at rapid speeds and been reading on this forum and heat press inkjet transfers are getting lot better and many screen printers are using it. But I always feel that heat press transfers are not giving customers the best quality and cheating them out. Or feel that I'm cutting corners. I screenprint and feel the process is quite a lengthy one (especially compared to heat press transfers where you just print and heat press it) and dye sublimation where process is quite fast but is bit pricey (in terms of soft link tshirt and ink)... but both are great quality so i don't mind the extra cost or extra process involved.

But!!!! I see that people are buying heat transfer tshirts and some people are getting great business so I'm assuming that quality has changed drastically with jetpro paper with pigment ink so i have questions.

1. Are you screen printers including inkjet heat transfers now with no customer complaints?

2. Do you guys feel that heat transfers still have a bad stigma behind it and the quality is still not there for you to add to your lineup?

I sometimes feel upset that I'm spending lot of time doing pre setup for screenprinting (4 colors for example) for my custom designs while someone else will be doing the same thing but just use a heat press transfer and sell more and also have more designs as the setup is quite easy.. anyone else feel this way? Which is one of the reasons i should maybe include heat transfers now
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