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do the iphone covers fit some ipods touch?

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my great nephew has an ipod touch 3rd generation (he thinks) and he saw the iphone covers and wanted one. I tried it on his and it fit perfectly and the holes all lined up. trying to decide whether or not to advertise these will fit that model of ipod or not. does anyone know if these are SUPPOSED to fit that ipod touch? it looks just like an iphone.

thanks !
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No, they won't fit.... The iPod Touch needs the cover of an iPod touch. The iPhone is big compared to the iTouch.
thanks jlam. the rubber sided ones too lose but the all plastic one worked fine on his. will just make him one though and probably forget about advertising them as such :( thanks !

getting lots of requests for other models. still trying to figure out a way to use the sublidecal or subliflex. have some of the subliflex to play with. am going to try buying some of the generic rubber covers you can get at a dollar store to experiment on. anyone have any ideas if the subliflex or sublidecal would work better (be more flexible I think is what is needed). I've just started offering iphone covers and already getting lots of requests for other models.
We are working on the itouch 4 now.
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Dave what about the droid phones ? I get so many requests for them but have to turn them down.... Al
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