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Do Loewe make quality clothing?

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Hey, I've now seen two celebs rocking some cool T-shirts from the Loewe range so I'm quite interested in ordering some of their gear for me to try out myself. Presumably, if the celebs are wearing them then there's obviously a big price tag. Well, there definitely is a big price tag, but it's more about the quality vs. price that I'm interested in. I've always been happy to pay good money for my best going out clothes as I know they last far longer and will be far more of a talking point. I'm not a snob or a show-off but I do enjoy fashion and like to try new brands out to keep my wardrobe fresh. Can anyone vouch for this brand on here? Thanks
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If I sold basic cotton t-shirts for $395 I could afford to have celebs wear my stuff too.

If you wanna pay that for a $5 tee, you're own your own. :)
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