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Do I Need To Wash?

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I bought T-shirts.
It is my first time.
We sell custom Rhinestone designs/transfers but we don't do press them onto shirts for customers.

We decided recently that we would for large orders only....meaning like a clubs worth or a companies worth.

My question is, the shirts we have bought (which for now, are samples for customers to see) are pre shrunk, do I and if yes, why....do I need to pre-wash them?

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No answers to this question?
Do I NOT need to wash the shirts?
The answer to your last question is "yes".
I'd say the great majority know and like the feel of a new shirt.

I know I've had a few times where I've had to wash something due to a minor head strike that can get washed out or the like and people immediately assume it was worn before or something and that it doesn't "feel new". They've never made big beefs about it, and usually I'm up front about it "while printing the shirt got snagged right here, you can't notice it, but if I didn't wash it, you'd have a black streak right there".

As to inks/rhinestones/etc adhering, I've never had any problems, except where something else was at fault (IE: not curing heat transfer material at correct temp).

You will of course want to try and wear some of your own product and ensure everything holds up though since you are now producing inhouse. I'm sure you've probably had complaints about rhinestones falling off and you've pointed the finger at the heat press or the pressure settings or the like. That buck now stops with you and you need to ensure your production's up to snuff :)
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Thanks a bunch Dee, that helps alot.
I know when every I have bought a Rhinestoned Shirt or Screen printed shirt, they are still kind of stiff as if they had not been washed...so I didn't think I needed to to but wanted to make sure.

We have made tags that say the following for the tags.

Rhinestones need TLC....
To Keep Them Looking Their Brightest!!
Wash before wearing but not necessary....
Wash your garment inside out in cold water only
Keep it turned inside out and either line dry or tumble dry on low setting
Do Not Bleach, Dry Clean or use harsh chemicals on garment.

Thanks again
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Never wash the shirts.
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