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Do I need specific equipment for a certain type of heat press???

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I was recently lookin into purchasing a "16x20 Economy Heat Press." I would like to know whether or not if I need specific equipment for this certain type of heat press; such as, type of paper, printer, ink etc.

I honestly dont plan on starting a business more like a hobby by putting my art pieces on T's and sellin em. If all goes well I might consider expanding my investments. I dont know if im currently able to afford a special printer...which leads to my next question...Em I able o use a regular computer printer using the special ink for T-shirt, or should I go to a local printing company to get prints?

Please If anyone is able to answer any of my questions that would help me out a lot. Thank u for your time and hope to hear from someone soon. =)
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You will need a printer with pigment ink. Most use....or a lot use...JPSS paper.I think an Epson printer would be a good choice...but get one with pigment ink, not claria ink. This a regular computer printer.you can get the paper from several of our vendors.this is for white or light pastel tees. All opaque transfers leave a heavy hand
16 x 20 heat press is a good size choice, it gives you a lot of versatility. As stated above, for light garments, I would recommend the Jet-Pro SofStretch made by Neenah Paper and sold by their distributors on this site. For dark garments, I would go with Neenah's 3-G Opaque. Good luck with your new venture.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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