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Do I need software to use a Vinyl Cutter?

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Hi guys, I have a MacBook Pro (2010 version) and am going to be buying a Creation PCut Vinyl Plotter with Optical Eye very soon, but all the software is too expensive! I have Illustrator CS5, so would I be able to cut vinyl straight from that or do I need software? And if so, would it make it easier as I am a complete beginner?

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The manufacturer / distributor web sit should tell you what all is included. One web site I looked at says it comes with a one year license for the cutting software.

A little research may turn up software packages that will work with it as well.
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Creation PCUT Vinyl Cutter

According to US Cutter, you need to add :
Key Span in order to run your mac $35

it comes with:
Includes a 1 year license for SignCut Productivity Pro, a versatile cutting software .
SignCut Productivity Pro is cutting software and not design software, it works in conjunction with a variety of popular design platforms, including Adobe Illustrator. It looks like you are good for software just make sure you add the adapter. So, you design in Illustrator and use SignCut to cut your design.
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