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Do I need a white under base

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I'm going to print some shirts, its multiple color its red, blue, green, yellow on a orange shirt, but I was wondering do I need a white under base, I'm using plastisol inks, but I was also thinking of using water base inks what route should I go with its 150 t-shirts, thanks
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You coul undersbase with a 1 or 3 pixel contract or simply hit flash hit the color.you see that isnt poping like you want it.

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I would do a white underbase. You'll get more vibrant colors and easier too.
And yes, I'd choke the white by 1 or 2 pixels.
an underbase should also give the image a more consistent look across the various colored shirts.
if you are planning to use waterbased ink you are definitely going to need an underbase or some type of discharge or you will have no vibrancy in your colors.

if you are going plastisol you could get away with not using an underbase, but you would probably want to use opaque inks instead of standard plastisol inks.
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