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Do I need a Film Printer? or will a laser printer do

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I'm setting up a silkscreen printers and i was wondering whether I need a Film Printer or not (like BlackMax)? Is it just a gimmick.

Also say i use a normal printer which is better inkjet or laser? Because i know using for lithographs laser is better as it holds to the laminate firmer but from what i've read here inkjet is.


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Well honestly whatever produces the DARKEST BLACKS and the crispest Halftones will do. I work as a graphic guy for this screenprinting place and we use a Business Copy machines, it works, not the darkest black but it works for what we need it for. Inkjet machines will probably give you the darkest black unless you get something like the Xante B&W lazer printer which produced VERY BLACK films
I use my standard desktop printer which is a epson 1400 inkjet. I have used laser for my film but the inks are cheaper for the epson than toner for the laser.
Laser printers will give OK results, they tend to be low density. Because they cure the toner at 170 degrees C you can get shrinkage. Inkjet is more reliable and more even density.
Both work.
i use an epson r2400 with factory inks and ulano waterproof film. excellent results so far.
epson r1800 and quality ink jet transparencies is all you need. combine with a continuous ink system and a rip and you set.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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