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I've got a little buddy dryer that works great for the amount of T-shirts I print. I've been printing mostly water based and discharge with a little plastisol from time to time. I realize the best way to cure the WB & Discharge is with a forced air dryer but I don't have the budget for a new dryer. That being said what can I do to get the best cure with my little buddy? Get the heat control so I can lower the temp and slow down the belt? Install some fans at each end of the dryer to improve air flow? Vent the dryer for better air flow? All of the above?

I know I can run the shirt thru twice with works great for small quantities. Not so much for a front, back & sleeve print on 300 shirts.
I've had pretty good success so far using this dryer but I'd like to improve on the curing without spending a couple grand if possible.

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