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Do different colors need to be on different layers / sub-layers?

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I made the outlines of a design that I made on Illustrator. Now I placed the different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc.) on the same layer as the outline.

Do I have to separate each color onto a NEW layer, or do I place them into a sub-layer of the outline layer? i.e. - do I place all the Green colors onto a new "Green" layer, all the Red colors onto a new "Red" layer, etc? Or do I do that with a sub-layer instead?

BETTER YET, can I just place all of the colors onto the same layer as hte outline without making a new layer / sub-layer?

Thank you.
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Thanks ImageIt.

So its okay for all for the colors to be on one layer?
Thanks again.

I am just using CYMK for the colors. And I am assuming that CMYK counts as "spot colors" correct?

Thanks again for your quick & useful replies.
Wow, Thanks ImageIt!!!

Now it is set up correctly!!! Sorry for so many questions. Searching around the web last night didnt prove that much of help. Now I know what to do. The colors are now seperated when I print it, so I am sure it is ready to go.

Thanks again
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