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DIY Vinyl Printer

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Hi There,

I have already converted a brother printer to accept sublimation inks, and i have been cutting vinyl for both t shirts and signs using my graphtec cutters for over 5 years or so. I have been doing this along side my full time job printing coins and medals using roland lef and morlock pad printers.

But my question is can i take a normal 24inch inkjet printer ie HP Design Jet T120 and run a ciss with eco solvent inks and run a roll of vinyl through it? I know it will only have CMYK but for me this is enough to get started without having to spend thousands on a dedicated printer.
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Eco-solvent is still solvent. Desktop printers are build for water based inks.
There was someone doing conversions of one of the Epson models ... various parts have to be replaced to be compatible with solvent inks. Though that route is cheaper than OEM solvent printers, it is still more expensive than a typical Epson desktop.
I don't think converting a desktop inkjet to solvent is possible.

Some large format printers can be converted, but it is not a cheap or easy process.
It is easier to convert a desktop printer to DTG.
The solvent ink will eat up the printhead also solvent printers heat the bed up to around 100 degrees.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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