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DIY R1900 Issues

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I bought a new Epson R1900, and spend one weekend to split it apart. Then I want to reconstruct it as a DTG. Nothing else changes, just remove the paper in & out mechanism. But after build it up, when I power on, the light status of "Paper" and "Ink" always flashing together.

Would someone mind to give me some tips?:confused:
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Would someone mind to give me some tips?:confused:

you need to start by reading all the previous post on the newest generation epson first...

this will give you an understanding of the components, i allso suggest to you that you purchase a service manual..

you are starting your projcet backwards (for a lack of a better term):confused: "the cart before the horse"

there is alot more to it than taking it apart and putting it back together..start with those first steps..:) it would be hard to explain to anyone without them vesting some time and learning the functions and components of the printer..

happy reading

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Yes, I just purchased the R1900 Service Manual. But I would continue my dtg setup, and will show every progress in the future. God bless me.

Your PM box is full and I cannot reply to your PM without you emptying some of your messages out. Send me a PM with your email address.

Did you ever get this problem resolved.?
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