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DIY printer plans

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Hello everyone, I'm new to T-Shirt Forums and would like some help. I'm starting a t-shirt business and looking into building my own printing press. I have a few graphics already setup for printing, but they have about 8 colors.

I've found online many plans for 1, 4 and even 5 color printing presses, but I'd really like to do 8 color.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated.
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That's gonna be pretty tricky. Honestly, I think you should just bite the bullet and invest in a press that was professionally designed and constructed.

I did, and I was in no financial situation to do so. Boy did I hear a lot of discouraging comments when I made the decision. Since then, I have fulfilled orders which paid for the press and then some.

I wouldn't advise trying to build an 8 color press. But hey, everyones different! :p
Just buy used on craigslist. A lot of company are closing and u can get the whole setup w dryers, screens and inks for @ $1200

Builiding one u would need the right tools to cut wood or metal and in the long run it might cost u as much as buying the real thing.

Good luck
Build a line table setup. it is cheap and you can do print with lots of colors with it.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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