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DIY plastisol transfer paper

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I'm getting back to printing some 3 color transfers . I have been trying different papers and gel temps , looking for some help with what others are using
I have tried ace hot and cold peal papers , Sam's club butcher paper and the last was some parchment paper
The best transfer has been parchment paper with PFP first color white then 1 dark blue , 1 light blue wet on wet run through conveyor at 180-210 press at 350 for 15 sec .
the issue with parchment paper was it is a roll out box and hard to get tach to hold on platen
I'm pressing to a Black Hoodie 60% 40% blend
The reason for using transfers is the hoodies are done after the size order is placed selling S to 4X
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I think some of my inconsistent results are do to the press and cold spots . I picked up a new PNR press and will try some more transfers . I read about this press here and it got some good reviews . Auto open and drawer for less that $300 tested with a heat gun and temps look pretty even .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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