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DIY Exposure Unit

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I am trying to build a vacum top for my homebuilt exposure unit....would this work for the rubber top?

3/32" thick Neoprene Rubber Sheet 36" x 6 FEET long Black | eBay

thanks for any input

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yes...I think it is....you think this is thick enough...to thick?

i guess Im not sure if this is the correct material.....

I have not used one but I've seen a vacuum top up close(and I've sold neoprene mask). I think 3/32" is thick enough but maybe it would be better to wait for others for a more qualified opinion.
I'd mention It isn't the sponge neoprene that most people buy, but I wouldn't let that deter you--it's reasonably priced, and it's got better chemical and UV resistance than the shower or pond liner many buy.

You'll need to install it with enough slack to go around the frame, as it won't stretch much, and an air string will be essential, but it should last longer than what most people use.
My professional unit uses butyl rubber sheeting 0.75mm thick , neoprene will not get into the corners of your screen so you won't get a very tight contact, the professional units use butyl because it is 100% uv proof , solvent proof & is flexible and thin enough to get in the corners it also has a lifetime guarantee
i made my exposure unit and i use pond liner and a small 1hp shop vac. and it works wonders. The key is to give blanket/cover a little bit of slack not alot..and also make sure you use thick weather stripping if you do not create a tight seal your vacuum top will not work correctly and you will see under cutting when you burn your screens.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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