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diy dtg help please

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Hi all
ive recently seen this thread about making your own dtg with off the shelf printers so thought i would give it a try,to be honest i would love to have the plans to do this but have noticed alot of people are reluctant to share the info ...however ive looked at several videos and probably the most helpful to a point is the hack a day site ...ive made my cradle for the machine to sit in and the platten ,its a quick knock up job as i am just wanting to test this before i go ahead and make a proper machine ,i am using a roland c880 wich i am having problems with as i cannot get the print head to return to its original position,it stays on the left and all the lights keep flashing ...i also dont quite understand the encoder,does it have to be re coded for the machine to recognize i'm putting something else through it other than paper...anyway i thought i'd give that printer a miss so purchased a c440 on the cheap ,,after opening it up i realised this printer didnt work from the same type of encoder system with the encoder strip and disk with numbers on the paper feed shaft....theres a little catch on the underneath near the print head that when held down the printer seems to react to and keeps the shaft spinning that bit longer,only the paper light starts flashing...what do i need to do to convert this ,do i need to change wires around ,add new software ,i have the ssc utility installed ...just a point in the right direction is all i am after if anyone can help as i have been racking my brain for the past week and abit thinking whats the next step...thanks david
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Give a try for an epson C43. I have one, and I think this printer are almost the same as they big brother, the 2100, or 2200. Of course, the C43 much-much smaller, because it's an A/4 sized printer.
cool for that but once i have a c43 surely i'll be stuck with the same problem as were to go next ...i believe the c44 will work like i believe the c880 would have but its what i'm to do with the encoding is what i think i really need to know or do i need to do some kind of re-wiring or software updating....thanks again
The epson 1900 seems to be the tipping point between cost, size and available RIP for making good prints.
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