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DIY Conveyor Dryer

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Hello everyone,

Hopefully i meet you all well.
I am building a DIY coneyor dryer and the steps that i have taken requires me to modify and improvise. Pretty much i have bitten more than i can chew now :D So i bought a "Whirlpool Roper & Kenmore Dryer Heater Heating Element Coil Assembly" to serve as my heating device for the dryer.:confused::confused:


This device is 5400 watts 240 volts.


Can anyone tell me how many degrees of heat this thing will generate e.g 700°C

What can i use to regulate the amout oh heat this thing spits out? e.g a regulator or anything

Can anyone please show me how to connect this thing to power it on?


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Regulate the heat through the hight and the belt speed..... an please spend some money to en electrician to wire things up. Don't kill your self buddy!
Haha...I know right
That won't be smart now huh!

Thanks though
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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