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I currently create spiritwear using Plastisol transfers. Very pleased with the quality. This is the reason I have stayed away from Inkjet. However I am entering a new venture where I need to create one offs and the investment in plastisol is too much. My first idea was going contracting out DTG. However I started researching the inkjet transfer idea again. I am sure there is some disagreement but from what I have read it seems that the durability and color on white shirts is very comparable with the right ink, paper, press, and printer.

So if I am haven't confused myself with all the options and variations - It seems the list below is what is "preferred" by most and provides very good results:

Epson 1400 (needed for 13X19)
Pigment Inks (Inkjetcarts.us/Inkjetfly - with proper profile)
JPSS Paper

I currently have an HP Laser and have tried the laser transfers with sub par results. So with investing in a new printer I believe that the bulk ink option for the inkjet provides a more economical solution with good quality.

However the one concern I have is the polymer window - but I believe with the JPSS paper, Magic Mask (from Stahls) and my cutter I can avoid the polymer window. That is if I am correct that JPSS can be cold peeled.

Am I off base on any of this information?
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