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Distorted text on Caps SWF 601c

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I'm using a 601c with Embroidery Max. When I prepare to sew a cap it sews fine on backing in a regular hoop (done to see how the design will sew). But when I rotate the design and begin to sew it on a cap the machine distorts the letters, doesn't finish some and moves the text around. Sometime the underlay will be off set. The puzzling thing is there is no hint that this is going to occur in the test. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Deric
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Is the design set-up for caps-
Sews center out, from the brim up, fills first? If it isn't the registration can be off.
ok I will redo the text the correct way and see wht happens. The first hat that I noticed it on sewed most of the design correctly and got of in the middle of the cap on the top. everything else was fine. Is the registration being off something that I can fix and keep sewing? I have an order that I need to get done by tomorrow.
Structured or unstructured caps? No stabilizer required for structured, but a heavy 3 oz is needed for unstructured. I know the correct way is bottom up, center out, but I've never had a problem doing any design without changing the sewing order. Be sure that when you hoop your cap, the teeth of the hoop are actually on the seam between the bill and the upper part. Then pull straight down on the sides and clamp them to your hoop to get the slack out. Don't stretch them, just pull straight down. Do that, and they should sew beautifully. I do over 100 a week and never have a problem.
Structured...my hooping was a little sloppy and making sure that the cap was in the frame on the sides helped. But the letters still seem a little of at the very top of the design. I hit a hoop so I wonder if that is having some effect on the outcome. thanks for all of your help.
Next question is what is the size and density of the design. Optimum and recommended size , even though machines will sew bigger, is about 2 1/4" high and around 6-7000 stitches. As Jennifer mentioned, it sounds as if you also might need to go in and modify your design so that it sews from the bottom up , center out. Some designs are just that way. That is one reason that a digitizer should ask what a design is going to be sewn on. If it is a hat design, or a large jacketback, most of us try to have a design sew center out at the very least. Lettering , especially, can be critical that way.
I hit a hoop so I wonder if that is having some effect on the outcome. thanks for all of your help.
Yes, if you hit a hoop it could have some effect on the outcome.
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