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Okay well I have learned a lot from this board in the past 7 years and I wanted to do a small write up on the t-shirt display we put up in our printing shop. Its a great way to show clients different examples and show off your stuff. Or if you are selling your designs its a great way to showcase them.

-Staple gun (don't go cheap or else you will be kicking yourself)
-Quality scissors (again quality tools are going to make this go A LOT smoother)
-Push pins (not tacks)
-A bunch of pre-stretched canvas from your local craft store. I found 14x18 worked for me.

Okay so pretty straight forward. Slide the canvas inside the shirt and position it how you want it.
Start stapling from the top (neck hold) 1 staple every 2-3 inches should do it.
Then once the top part is done, pull the bottom tight and staple that area, then do one side, than the other. Once thats that done cut all the area of the shirt around the staples and tighten up any loose ends. It should look like the picture of the back Ive attached.
Now repeat for each t-shirt you want to display.

All thats left is to hang the shirts I used 2 push pins to hang them on so they can easily be taken off to change or examine. Now just find a good way to measure them from each other so they look aligned (I measured 15" from my ceiling and gave them a small gap from one another)

Thats it! Good luck and watch your fingers when you staple!


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