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Discounts on large wholesale orders of blank tees?

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Hey guys,

I have an order for 1200 garmets. That would be a 1000 shirts and 200 sweatshirts. I have talked to a few of the wholesalers and they have told me they would give me a one time discount on a large order like that.

Is there an industry standard for the discount percentage on such large orders? Are there any tactics I can employ to get the best rate?

Thanks in advance guys
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When I have an order over 1000 pcs I normally just have a couple vendors quote it, especially if it is a common brand (Gildan, Hanes, etc) Usually I get another .05 -.10 off , it isn't that much , but t-shirts are pretty low margin to start. Some of my suppliers wont quote special price unless it is over 10,000 pcs
Hello I have imported and got good price from a manufactor in India. Price was good and with quality. If you need you mail me will give you the details. [email protected]
I've gotten phone calls from suppliers telling me they will price match my usual company if I call. So you could simply tell them the best price you have and see if they will beat it.
All very interesting. Today I pitted a few of the wholesalers against each other and things quickly went from "we never do that" to "well let us know exactly what you need and we can work with you". Looks like barter is still alive domestically!
When times get tough, just about any company will negotiate. And you know times must be lean when they are calling small businesses like mine every few months when I've never ordered more than a couple hundred dollars from them over the last several years. I'm glad these other companies will price match but I don't want to call in my order, I prefer to just have the pricing on the website because sometimes I add or subtract things over the course of the day before sending in the final. The only time I order from the other guys is if Sanmar doesn't have the brand/style I want or if I need it really fast. Broder and Virginia T's can have stuff to me the next day via ground but I have to call for better pricing. If they dropped me in a lower pricing tier I would do all my ordering from them. Broder bumped me up a tier then called to tell they would give me a lower price over the phone (shakes head).
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