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Discharge white screenprint help

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I wanted to know if there was a way of doing the discharge white screenprint on a black shirt yourself using normal silk screens? would I be able to use the image on the silk screen, using bleech then wash it, then do the black print over it? or does it need someone with a professional setup? thanks
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Hi Leo,

I hope I understand you right. Yes, you can use discharge ink with a "silk" screen. You would use a 156 mesh screen ideally, so the ink can penetrate the garment well, but not drip through the stencil. But if you are using chlorine bleach that would present a challenge. It is very thin. Discharge ink is not the same as bleach, especially when used in conjunction with a pigment dye. In my opinion, the only way to use bleach effectively would be to find some way to thicken it up so it doesn't drip through the screen. If it is bleach you want to use, then I can't be certain as I have not done this. But I would suggest using discharge ink because it is suited well towards this technique and is relatively affordable. And you heat it to activate the discharge process/curing of pigment as opposed to running it through the wash, and you don't risk bleaching out other portions of the garment.

As for printing black, if you are printing it on a black shirt then you would do well do simply not print in the areas you want black and allow that portion of the garment to remain black. Even if you were doing something like half tones to produce gradients (like a photo) you could do this by simply inverting the image before printing out the positive.

Good luck
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