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Discharge red turns brown

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I did a run of discharged black tanks. Some seemed to hold color after washing, while others turned to an ugly brownish burgundy color.

I would assume that the ink did not evaporate properly the ones that turned brown. But they looked exactly like the good ones when we finished printing?

Is there a best way of determining whether or not the ink has set up properly?

Dried using a M&R Economax I, heating to upwards of 360 degrees for a substantial amount of dwell time, to the point of smoking the fabric.
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It doesn't have anything to do with your ink, but the dye in the tanks.
A lot of times, mills will re-dye other colors (unpopular or overstocked stuff that won't sell) black. I would contact the supplier and tell them you need blanks that aren't re-dyed since you'll be discharging.
American apparel re-dyes their products?
That's the big obsticle to get discharge more popular.
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