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Discharge printing on pigment dye t's

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:confused: evening all - i am in the process of pulling together a new product line and will be using pigment dye t's. my question is - will discharge printing work ok on these? i am planning on using medium to dark color shirts, not alot of detail in the design and want a very soft hand feel. many thanks for your help! cheers.
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I have tried on Authentic Pigment tees. Didn't work
many thanks. screen printer i spoke with today suggested it for the soft hand feel i want and i asked about the process on these t's - he did not seem totally confident so i was wondering. am going with chouinard's comfort colors. think it would work on their direct/reactive color shirts?
You would have to call the manufacturer to find out for sure, but anything with reactive dyes should be fine. Why don't you order a sample and try a discharge print?
Ordered a few of both to have them do a few quick tests. we'll see how it goes! thanks.
just tryed discharge on a HT hemp shirt and a HT bamboo

bamboo worked perfect

hemp not a chance
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